A Year Hiatus ? What's Up Kira?

Has anyone waited for part II/III?

Well, it will come, but I'm afraid all of 1/2/3 will be in a giant non-fiction book that travels dimensions of sensual perception, electromagnetism, quantum physics and existentialism.

Battling chronic disease for a whole year has further solidified my beliefs of the universe around me. Observation has been my greatest tool. Science slowly is confirming.

February's surgery hopefully will find a self-contained monster which will be removed.


The writing has been on hold, but the research has not.

Art has been a means of therapy, self-expression and just me trying to deal with this whole situation!

Regardless though, in the process I've been blessed with the patience and care of close family and friends; I want to thank you all and further, I am announcing soon, my return!

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