Cold War - Moon War (PART I/III)

The Cold War between the U.S.A and Russia lasted roughly from 1947-1991.

The Cold War prompted during the time of Roswell . Following Roswell, there was a huge influx in the amount of information readily available regarding technology, biochemistry, and all things physics and electric. Government agencies from both Russia and the U.S.A began the construction and fast release of what was seen as "advanced technology"

Flying crafts to microchips - smaller and far more advanced technology, quicker technological, let alone mechanical invention took place in one decade than in the history of mankind.

It was as if a textbook suddenly was released to the world and it was bountiful with information that was NEVER available before. I believe it is THIS that prompted a global race for power and advancement. It was at this time, 1947, when Russia and the West split on how they want to deal with this information.

Given research, Russia seems to have has embraced a more Eastern approach to science; allowing both scientists, philosophers and creative minds to mesh together in order to expand the roster of questions and applications for this new knowledge.

I feel there may be more attention put towards electromagnetism, and things such as patterns of human observance, vs. recorded/tangible data and consumerism (pharmaceuticals).

It is important that you realize that the hydrogen bomb, solar power, microchips, lasers, space travel, computers, interfaces etc; this ALL has only happened within the past 70 years, after Roswell.Comparing Russia to the U.S.A, the race to the moon was a grand one, and the race to build on the moon/explore it's surface was, and is something that is far more established than what we are lead to believe.

Who are we kidding to think nothing has been built on the moon? To me, it is almost absurd as assuming that there are no bases and laboratories throughout Antarctica.

I do not take a stance for either side, I merely ask the ultimate question - what for? What is this race towards? Is it meaning, is it purpose, or is it just control and power?

No one can be sure, but I have historical data, dating all the way back to the Byzantine empire, to back up a very passible speculation about the future of man and the lunar effect.

Stay tuned for PART II

#journey #technology

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