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“Computers, however cleverly we build them, do not become spiritual machines, nor can they shed light on the spiritual nature of the human” - The Spiritual Brain

Nah, I think they can shed A LOT of light on the spiritual nature of man,

Machines, computers, cellphones etc., are the new BFFs, BFs, GFs, Mom, Dad, teacher, and keeper of today's society.

While computers have isolated humans from humans, have allowed extremism to blossom in loneliness; they have also allowed for the most basic human needs to be stripped, for our own dissection.

How blunt has human expression become, thanks to technology?

How has the lack of human bonding, and reliance on computers, bludgeoned the instinctual need, and recognition for care, kindness, altruism?

Computers cannot offer what is listed above - people do.

Computers have continuously underlined the patterns of human nature, and how altruism conducts how spiritual nature is expressed, whether be in person or via technology.

Bill Gates has said, “I don’t think theres anything unique about human intelligence. All the neurones in the brain that make up perceptions and motions operate in a binary fashion”

But that too says a lot about human nature - the ruthless, unforgiving black and white of living. You either do to gain, or do to lose.

1 OR 0? The loss is determined by you and your values, and for some it may be seen as a gain.

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