Oh Atomic H, Oh Hydrogen

Each element in the universe has a spectra of coloured lines which can be observed as "emission lines" of an electrical gas discharge. This is aggravated when there is a detection of light and the energy levels of each atom and ion are exposed.

We can produce elemental spectrums which always duplicate the same distinct spectral pattern for each atomic composition of an element. In essence, the spectrum is an elemental "fingerprint".

These spectra can be composed of a vast number of colours, to simply black and white lines; the point is that there is a only one specific spectroscopic pattern to each element, that never varies between elements.

Now, anything visible within a dark room is emitting light. Light is emitted by what physicists call "exited" objects.

The particles are reacting! As each element produces a specific spectroscopic pattern, its displaying the "fingerprint" of the element.

Looking at the periodic table of elements, Hydrogen is the simplest of elements, with a full (+) & (-) charge. According to Hydrogen's Balmer Series ( a designation of 1/6 series describing the specific spectral line emissions of the hydrogen atom) - hydrogen IS the simplest and most important element to man.


Because it is is the only element in which, in the most multidimensional way, man has deconstructed and reverse engineered its properties.

Antihydrogen is the only type of antimatter atom to have been produced by man, as of 2015. (^1)

Antihydrogen (H) is the antimatter counterpart to hydrogen. It consists of an antiproton with a positron (counterparts of a proton and an electron).

In principle, according to Old Physics, it is possible “to predict exactly how a given event is going to unfold if we have enough information about it. [Example being the building blocks of Hydrogen] In practice, it is only the enormity of the task that prevents us from accomplishing it”. (^2)

We have accomplished this task already! What does this predict about the existence of matter like thought? What implications does this have when it comes to time and the prophecy of events in time!?

Enormity is emphasized as being that amount of information provided to create reality. This is where the task stands- how exciting!

For one thing, we are more certain of Hydrogen's presence than anything else in this physical world, so let us watch and possibly join in its particle matter waltz. It is important to remember that enormity can be one of perception – ergo one mustn't judge on another's art of observance. This matrix of being is individual, after all.

Now does antimatter emit light? Reported 5 days ago,

"After two decades of trying, physicists at CERN have reported the first ever measurement of the light emitted by an antimatter atom, revealing that antihydrogen is the exact mirror image of regular hydrogen." ^3

So again, we are faced with a case of Schrödinger. Is this that? That this?

Ah - Merry Christmas.


^1 - Charlton, Mike; Van Der Werf, Dirk Peter (1 March 2015). "Advances in antihydrogen physics". Science Progress 98 (1): 34–62. doi:10.3184/003685015X14234978376369.)

^2 Grim, P. (1982). Philosophy of Science and the Occul. SUNY Press.

^3 http://www.sciencealert.com/physicists-have-observed-the-light-spectrum-of-antimatter-for-first-time

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