Add an Engaging Title - Indecent Exposure - Ep.01


These government documents are U.S sealed accounts and attempts of archiving extraterrestrial sightings, interactions and study there of. I read through both, along with other government files from around the world. This has started the Indecent Exposure Series. You can't help but wonder what IS out there!?So thank you internet, I have done some in-depth research and now will expose to the world my E.T followings and nerd-nationism.

So guess what? We ARE aliens....simply kept here, on Earth based on a gravitational and material form.

Aliens? ALIENS? More simply - we are light which we are alienated from, for the most part.

Consciousness is our only proof of being non-human. Human is a material way of being, but not who we are as a whole. We must take note that we are however limited to the confines of human physical capability and the ability to communicate ones only certain individual consciousness.

As Californiana philosopher and neuroscientist Stephen Kossyln suggests:

"consciousness is like light that is produced by a hot filament [storage for light being the brain] in a vacuum [concept of time]: The physical events that produce the light cannot be equated with the light itself"

I can get all conspiracy like and say that the government and its perimeters of control does not want us to know or explore this idea. I can also propose that the detonation of nuclear weapons was the 1st industrial attempt of freeing ourselves via heat (energy, acceleration, gravity) from planet earth. Its capabilities as a weapon were far too superior and detrimentally unassuming; as soon as detonation occurred, regret loomed the minds of the inventors.

The belief is that we are light that is brought to physical existence via electrical magnetic fields and the big bang of an orgasm (nerve electrical peeking).

All our consciousness is held within bio-chemical shells. The energy doesn't escape or leave earth, even when our bodies die. It just goes to another capsule, host, absorbed back into the material world: If we are lucky we come back as a communicating being , but for all we know our next existence could be held within the air.

The remarkable cases of reincarnation throughout history are endless. Deja Vu may very well be our physical selves catching up with overexcited EMF's that have already tantalized the physical world. Somehow we have been there, done that.

An example of traveling human light are the cases of the children recalling past lives, like the child witches of Africa who are tortured and murdered for being so "in tune" with reflections of time, people, places and things. (SEE MORE READING BELOW).

Throughout history Buddhists and Druids have had parallel beliefs and have approached the material world with a kindness and appreciation for all it is - what wonderful dances of light!

Humans have trained and gained the ability to manipulate EMFs and the consciousness of this world. Simply put "mind over matter."

Pain management and Reiki therapy work through simple breathing and the feeling and control of a stored energy. Inflammation makes your body radiate with heat; energy and light is compounded to heal.

Yes you can feel it - one must have faith in their instincts that are primal yet frowned upon. You're an alien, deal with it. Celebrate THE FORCE. This, on a societal levels, has scared humans throughout history: why some fear the occult, why some people disappear cowardly in relationships - THE FORCE.

Now I wonder : Could Global Consciousness Free us from Earth and bring Self-Awareness outside of the physical self?

Technology is connecting people more and more, ergo the government needs an increase in control of distraction and coverups. Superbowl, elections, coupon saving. There are so many questions to ask. Is it possible that some of us ARE NOT trapped here? Or could not seek refuge here?

Why did technology soar from the 1950s onwards?

Is advancement of technology = to freedom OR = is simply there to increase the heat and light within the universe? What will this do?

To communicate with an alien is to communicate with ourselves, and the world via consciousness.

Think about it.

Deja Vu?

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