Zooming is Endless, Whether In or Out

My research has been mapped by Zukav's approach to explaining quantum physics.

"Is discovery an act of creation?"

Simply, my answer is Yes.

The more we know, the more the universe expands.

The more we zoom in, the smaller things become, one within each other. The same for when we zoom out; there is ultimately no nothingness, but rather discovery leading to creation of everything and anything.

An idea is matter like thought.

Whether its physically finding a new species of platypus, or figuring out a nuclear equation - discovery creates matter, creates tangible belief and clarification of what we deem true.

Whether on purpose or not, something creates the concept of everything, and unfortunately us humans will never fully know everything. Period.

One issue I have with Western thought is that: if something is noted for being, but without a source for its existence, then it is completed discounted as even being. Only recently has science discovered that indeed we have meridians within our body, scientifically proving (ergo ultimately deeming true), the beliefs of Hindus and Buddhists for thousands of years.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Intuition and Animal Instinct is not something we can pinpoint physiologically or calculate psychologically. In Eastern cultures, many find instinct sacred and look to nature to clue in on what it too is instinctually narrating. Here in the West, we discount instinct as being more a pseudo form of reasoning. Those who have peaked intuition without much awareness of such, though loudly express themselves, are children and animals, but often we dismiss this. It simply cannot be true....and yet that may be the key to anything. Simple.

In the West, without a measurable "source point" backing up how it is, we lose the insight that the East gets from at least noticing and observing that it is.

If creation is an act of “discovery”, than like Zukav and Jonah Lehrer believe, the distinction between artists and poets, painters and writers, neuroscientists and physicists. is not truly clear. The point of being is to create to discover, and discover to create, in a revolving door of this and that.

Cartoonists and Particle Physicists share the same centripetal force.

What we all have in common is explained by Zukav as a gift, and indeed a gift;“by nature to take those things which we call commonplace and to re-represent them to us in such a way that our own self-imposed limitations are expanded.”

Whether be through science, or humour, pointing out the unnoticeable is a duty of humans.

What we now need to do as self-aware beings is relinquish our ego. One cannot expand beyond self-imposed limitations unless they take a dip into uncomfortable territory.

Pushing boundaries is hard to do in an era of capitalist, corporate control - without being shunned , hushed, or ghosted into the dead files.

But we must- be inquisitive, change not replicate.

That is our duty, that is our discovery, that is our creation.

#creation #matterlikethought

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