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Pleased to Meet You

Growing up in Northern California, Kira works in Toronto, Canada as a freelance multi-media artist, writer and researcher. With a schooling background in Medical Anthropology, Art and Music; a proud survivor of a 2015 Traumatic Brain Injury - Kira also has Synesthesia. 


With a unique ability to create different sensoriums and Personalities  from a single sound, Kira has creatively contributed to: ​


- ghostwriting (lyrics, non-fiction,research articles & lyrics)

- character development (fictional & non-fiction)

- set and stage production

- music editing and supervision (brand and company)

- illustrations for print & online platforms

- internationally commissioned illustrations and current nationally commissioned sculptures

-international tattoo design 



As a naturalist,  and certified Holistic Practitioner, she has co-authored and authored work under the name Lucy Vera, and has completed several research and development projects within the cannabis industry. In cahoots with her activist endeavours, she is also conducting and participating in Synesthesia research and exploring its connections with Neuroscience and New Physics.



She aims to bring awareness and cultivate a global community of quantum research, collaboration, and artistic creation. 




© Kira della Stua 2016



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