I am a Synaesthete living in Toronto & Ottawa, Canada. 


My background is in medical anthropology, ethnomusicology, and a 2015 brain injury. 


Keeping to date with the global research community, and by applying the concepts of new age quantum physics  - I aim to contribute to the global conscience of Synesthesia and the world of Art & Science.


Currently, I am conducting my own research, specifically on emotion and eidetic memory, and the experience of TRAUMA. Findings for such are set to be presented in a film & script format.


The more I divulge into the sensorium, the more I want to open-source my findings and contribute to the community of Brain & Cognition Research, New Age Physics and Artificial Intelligence. The journey is shared through the story telling powers of multi-media art. 



Current Collaborations

  • The Canadian Council for The Arts 

  • 2017-Present Research for Non-Fiction Publication in Natural Science 

Member of :

International Association of Synesthetes, Artists and Scientists

Founding Member (2017-Present)

The Canadian Synesthesia Association



 Past Participation:


  • Solo Art Show 2018: TORONTO

(Freedom Factory Gallery - Toronto, Canada)

  • Participant at the IASAS 2017 SYMPOSIUM - UCLA 


In conjunction with the California Nanosystems InstituteLos Angeles, California

  • University of Sussex

 Brighton, United Kingdom 


  • University of Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A


  • Macquarie University, Austrailia 

Lifetime Ongoing Synesthesia Research Participant

  • Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics


Decoding the Genetics of Synaesthesia Completed

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

(organized by a Study Group at the Language and Genetics Department at the MPI for Psycholinguistics)


Smell & Synesthesia Completed

Stockholm, Sweden

Lead Researcher: Prof Asifa Majid 

Organized by: The Language and Cognition Department at MPI for Psycholinguistics

To learn more about this study click here

To listen to the BBC Radio 4 documentary featuring Asifa Majid on the sense of smell, click here